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The Customer must take possession of the entire stand,  built by the FITTER company, the day before the opening of the event 
If the Customer does not show up for delivery of the stand on the fixed date, the placing in possession will in any case be deemed to have taken place with all legal consequences, and the parties 
establish that  no one can plead  the presence of any faults and defects, of the set-up and/or of the stand as a breach by the FITTING COMPANY.
It should be noted that for the preparation of the stand, the subject of this contract  no. 6 days for assembly and 3 days. for disassembly.
If the official time made available by the fair is not sufficient, the customer must  request  to the Fair _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b at his own expense -136bad5cf58d_of the days of leave anticipated and communicate the outcome to the FITTING company well in advance.
The disassembly and collection of the stand will be carried out by the company by the FITTER company within the terms established by the exhibition regulations.
Please note that the Client must follow the indications of the Exhibition Center for the collection of their material displayed inside the stand.


a) Transport must be understood as  the transfer, by carrier, of the material made available by the FITTING COMPANY for setting up the Stand from its warehouses to 
Fair and back.
The transport of the stand in the above terms will be at the Customer's care and expense.
The Client may ask the FITTER company to take care of the transport/logistics   by acknowledging in favor of the FITTER company the transport price increased by 10% 
to cover.
Of the charges and expenses of management and  of the service.
b)  The logistics and transport of the material to be exhibited are always the responsibility of the Customer.
In exceptional cases, the Customer can ask the FITTING company to take care of the transport of the material to be exhibited, upon payment of the transport plus 10% for charges  
And management fees. 
It is understood that the FITTER company will not be in any way responsible for the integrity and surveillance of the packages of the material to be exhibited. 


All the files that the Customer will provide for the reproduction of the graphics present on the stand must be in the useful formats with the appropriate resolutions for the actual size of the enlargement from  realize  e must be received by the FITTER company at least 15 days. before the assembly operations.
The files must be finished size and ready to print as per the attachment accompanying the graphic installation project.
In the event that  the Customer is unable to supply what is requested and needs to process and/or manipulate the non-compliant file, the parties agree that a cost of € 65.00/hour, counted in the final balance, for the file adjustment service. 
All the graphics produced for the stand are to be considered disposable, nothing is to be considered recoverable, consequently it will no longer be possible for the Customer to make any claims on them once the stand has been dismantled.
Furthermore, we do not guarantee the tightness of the pre-spaced adhesive writings because they may have adhesiveness problems between the glue and the painting pigment, in which case the FITTER company  will not be responsible for any restorations, if the restoration is necessary the cost is not included in this contract.

The customer can provide the graphics directly provided that:
1. provide for the installation directly, if our support is needed, the hourly cost applied will be €. 65.00 in favor of the FITTER company, if the customer needs this Service, we will not be responsible in case of breakage of the graphics during assembly/disassembly.
- do not damage or alter the set-up material in any way.
- proceed with the installation when the stand is completed or in any case in such a way as not to hinder our personnel.



​Dear customer,

In order to best carry out your request for a quote, please read the following technical and service standards carefully, which will be deemed to be known to you upon confirmation:

1-In the case of American structures or other elements hanging from the pavilion, it is necessary to request the feasibility from the competent body and inform us that the costs of the ropes necessary for anchoring
by plane are excluded from this contract and will be invoiced directly to the exhibitor by the trade fair organization.

2-The supply of some elements such as for example AUDIO/VIDEO systems or American structures are subject to availability verification at the time of confirmation.
We will possibly proceed to search from non-regular suppliers, this could give rise to cost increases which we will communicate to you as soon as possible after the verification.

​3-You are responsible for requesting the Fair Authority for services such as the supply of electricity, water, compressed air and telephone lines for which you will have to provide the correct positions to the Fair Authority in charge for installation, as they are the exclusive competence of the fair itself.


4-In case of confirmation, we need complete information about the assembly and disassembly times, entry permits, forms relating to the electrical system, as well as all the other mandatory forms provided by the fair, duly completed and signed in the parts of your competence, must be delivered to us at least 20 days. Before the event starts.
All the certifications provided by the FITTER company are in Italian and are valid according to Italian regulations, for foreign trade fairs further documentation may be required, for the latter the feasibility and additional costs will have to be verified.


5-Furthermore, it is very important to ask the fair to lay cables or pipes for special connections from the first day of assembly in the morning so as not to hinder our set-up work later.


6-The indications regarding your arrival remain to be defined, however it should be noted that in the absence of different agreements, fixed in writing, the stand is understood to be ready for the customer the day before the start of the event. It should also be noted that the day of arrival does not automatically coincide with the delivery date of the stand, which must always be agreed and confirmed in writing.


7-The color codes for the paint or lamination of the stands with obviously written NCS references must be provided to Albertini F.lli. The omission of this indication excludes the possibility of any dispute regarding the colors used in the set-up;  even in the presence of a specific code, a certain tolerance must be considered due to the innumerable factors that contribute to the final colouring, therefore any differences in the gradation of the color cannot give rise to disputes in this regard.


8-Computer-generated drawings cannot correctly report all the real details of a stand, therefore the reference document, in the event of discrepancies, is only the written estimate and not the drawings intended to provide a rough representation, although generally corresponding to the truth, of what it intends to achieve.

9-Precise indications are required regarding the location of any necessary power outlets.
In the event that the customer has to install his own systems on the stand, he must do so with his own personnel and within the timescales given by the technical office. For systems that will run under the platform, the wiring is very necessary from the first day of assembly.
Furthermore, we point out that the electrical system installed inside the stand is set up only for the lighting supplied by us.
In case you want to build the plant yourself to power your equipment, an auxiliary panel independent of ours must in any case be used, with a regular declaration of conformity drawn up by a qualified electrician and delivered by yourself to the institution fair.
Other particular systems must be explicitly requested in good time by providing a plan with specific indications regarding: absorption, types of plugs, location within the area, this system will be counted upon request and in any case excluded from this estimate.
In the case of set-ups on island areas (ie with all sides in the lane) the orientation of the stand must be specified, if obviously not communicated in writing, we will proceed with the positioning of the stand in a more logical way for us.
The arrangement of your products must in no case damage our material, vice versa we reserve the right to charge you for the relative costs. The PVC protection of the flooring, removal will be your responsibility, making arrangements with the trade fair organization.


10-The customer authorizes the FITTER company to subcontract all or part of the works covered by this contract.


11-The FITTER company cannot undertake the transport of the customer's goods with its own means, as it is not commercially authorized for this activity.



1- Scope of application.
These general terms and conditions apply to the relationship with the customer and are valid for all offers, deliveries and our other services. Our general terms and conditions apply exclusively. General conditions of the customer, or in any case conflicting with the present ones, are not recognized, unless we expressly accept them in writing.


​2- Stipulation of the contract.
The documents belonging to the offers, such as diagrams, plans, sketches, samples, indications of measures and weights, etc. contain only approximate values, unless otherwise indicated in the contract.
Insignificant tolerances with respect to the documentation or the agreed performance, which occur in the construction phase, are nevertheless to be accepted if necessary for technical or production reasons or for other reasons, if no loss in the quality or functionality of the work results.

The acceptance of the contract by the Customer, together with his bank details and his fiscal data indicating VAT number and Tax Code, must be sent by pec or email at least 20 days. working days before the start of the event. 
At the same time, the Customer must pay the first down payment.
In the event of non-payment of the down payment, the FITTER firm will consider this contract null and void and will therefore be exempt from carrying out the supply;
In case of non-payment within 20 days. from the beginning of the official assemblies of the event in question, our company will not consider itself obliged to carry out the supply.

Confirmations received after the aforementioned deadline or 20 days Before the start of the event, they will give rise to a surcharge equal to 10% of the total amount of this contract.


​3- Object of the contract.
The object of the contract is the rental of a stand designed, prepared, transported, assembled and dismantled at the reference fair, with materials and structural and furnishing elements made available by the FITTER company; all the material that makes up the stand remains the property of the FITTER company.


4- Prices and payment conditions, determination of the consideration _ Express termination clause 
The consideration is determined on a lump sum basis with reference to all the contractually envisaged services, and invoiced at each individual exhibition, as indicated above.
The agreed price must be paid within the time stipulated in the contract. The prices included in the offers are understood to be non-binding and revocable until the final signing of the contract. The prices are intended plus the VAT applicable on the day of signing the contract. Costs for packaging, transport costs, insurance, etc. are not included in the price, unless expressly stated otherwise in the offer.

5- A Express Termination Clause.
In the event of a delay of more than 20 days, or of non-payment of all or part of the consideration, the FITTER company has the right to terminate this contract, withholding the sums already paid as compensation for damages and acting to recover the full credit.
The FITTER company may request full payment of the contract,  withholding any amounts received, as an advance on the greater amount due.
The FITTER company may also proceed with the disassembly and return of the stand to its warehouses, even during the event, and all charges incurred for this operation will be charged in addition to the agreed fee.
The rule also applies in the event that the payment of the established price to the FITTER company is at risk because after signing the contract, the latter became aware of a significant worsening of the Client's economic situation.
This situation is deemed to have occurred at the time of the opening of the bankruptcy proceedings or if enforcement measures are pending against the customer. In these cases, the FITTER company has the right to dismantle the stand without making it available to the Customer.

For late payment, the customer undertakes to pay the FITTER company default interest which is calculated pursuant to  Legislative Decree. 231/02, from the day following the payment deadline, as well as commissions for issuing bank receipts and outstanding payments.

6- Obligations and charges of the client.
The Customer is the custodian of the entire structure and of all the materials and/or equipment supplied from the date of delivery, until complete de-installation. Consequently, the customer must take all due care in using the stand, being responsible not only for any damage or shortages of materials and structures, but also for their correct use and maintenance. 
The customer is required to maintain absolute confidentiality as regards the use of documents and drawings relating to the contracted works, the intellectual property remains of the FITTER company.

7- Obligations and duties of the contractor.
Are at the expense of the contractor:
the personal conduct of the works or by means of a person appointed as site manager, so that the correspondence of the works to the project is satisfied, and in total compliance with the standards on the quality of the materials and on the execution;
the execution of the contract in a workmanlike manner in accordance with the contractual provisions and on the basis of the current legislation on safety in the workplace.
Duties in the field of safety in charge of the client relating to the legislative decree 81/2008.

8- Withdrawal by the customer
The Client's unilateral withdrawal from the procurement contract, even if exercised before the start of execution, in the case of a so-called contract "single", i.e. concerning a single trade fair event, will result in the payment of the entire amount agreed for the entire work, without prejudice to greater damages.
In the different case of the so-called contract "multi-edition", i.e. relating to several stands and exhibitions, the unilateral withdrawal by the Customer must be communicated to the contractor, under penalty of nullity, with 120 days notice with respect to the date of the first exhibition on the calendar, by registered letter with return receipt; the Customer will in any case be required to pay 50% of the initially agreed consideration with reference to each trade fair which it renounces, without prejudice to greater damages.
The withdrawal must take place in writing.

The existing customer, when the event is canceled and/or moved to a later date, also to be determined, due to force majeure or force majeure event, undertakes to pay the related out-of-pocket expenses incurred for the design and construction of the stand until the moment of the stop.

9- Transport of materials owned by the Customer through external carriers or shippers
If the BUILDER firm agrees to organize the transport of materials or products of any kind owned by the Customer who requests it, with external carriers or shippers and not with vehicles owned by the BUILDER firm, the Customer  è required to take out an insurance policy against theft, fire and damage to the goods. The policy must be in force for the entire period between the moment in which the goods are collected from the place indicated by the client and the moment in which they return. In any case, the contractor is liable to the Customer for the loss, damage, theft or fire of the goods exclusively to the extent that the carrier or forwarding agent is held liable by law.
The customer will be responsible for the transport costs increased by 10%  to cover the costs and charges of the logistics service, furthermore all the costs necessary for the stowage and custody of the goods are charged to the customer, including including those accessories or otherwise connected.

10- Completion of the works and delivery of the stand - dismantling
The stand will be delivered to the customer the day before the start of the trade fair event  Different needs of the customer will be assessed separately upon his written request.
The FITTER company cannot be called to answer in any case for delays attributable to the personnel appointed directly by the Customer or due to the latter's actions or faults.
The Customer must take possession of the entire stand,  built by the FITTER company, the day before the opening of the event 
The delivery of the stand   – including the express mention of any defects present - will be fixed in writing in a report, to be signed by both parties.
If the Customer does not show up for delivery of the stand on the fixed date, the placing in possession will in any case be deemed to have taken place with all legal consequences, and the Customer cannot plead  the presence of any defects and defects, of the fitting out and/or of the stand as a breach by the FITTING COMPANY.
If the official time made available by the fair is not sufficient, the client must  request  to the Fair _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b at his own expense -136bad5cf58d_of the days of leave anticipated and communicate the outcome to the FITTING company well in advance.
The disassembly and collection of the stand will be carried out by the FITTER company within the terms established by the exhibition regulations.
Please note that the Customer must collect their products and/or materials from the stand on the first day of dismantling in order to allow the dismantling of the stand within the times established by the exhibition regulations.
The dismantling of the stand will begin at 8 am on the day following the closure of the trade fair and by that date and time the Customer is obliged to free the stand and the accessory compartments from people or things.

The FITTER company declines all responsibility regarding materials or things found at the time of dismantling.

11- Subcontracting
The contractor is expressly permitted to subcontract all or part of the execution of the work envisaged in the contract, without the need for prior communication and/or authorization from the client.

12- Disputes
Any complaints must be communicated to the FITTER company in writing, by registered letter with return receipt - sent in advance by email - without fail within 24 hours of delivery of the stand.
The Principal may not raise objections of any kind in order to delay or avoid the performance due, or if he has not taken delivery of the stand.
In any case, the FITTER company is not liable for damages claimed by the Client for loss of profit or loss, prejudice to the image connected with the performance of the trade fair event.
The FITTING COMPANY assumes no responsibility in the event that the structures set up outside are subjected to adverse atmospheric agents such as not to guarantee the use of the stand and/or such as to make it unusable for the entire period of the event.
It is believed that the structures made available are temporary structures, for this reason they do not have high resistance to bad weather, if during the event water should penetrate inside the stand, this inconvenience cannot be grounds for dispute._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

13- Jurisdiction
The exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute arising from this contract, also for connection and guarantee, is that of the headquarters of the FITTING COMPANY  i.e. Verona, Italy.

14- Image
The Client accepts that the FITTER company may use the images of the designed stand as well as take photographs of the construction (stand, showroom, point of sale, etc.) without prior request, as well as use the same for commercial and marketing disclosure.


With the acceptance of this contract, the purchaser releases the STANDING COMPANY from any responsibility for the material exhibited or in any case owned by the exhibitor present in the stand, which must necessarily be managed by the exhibitor himself.
If the exhibitor is unable to manage or recover his own materials, by delegating to the fitter company, he excludes and relieves the fitter company from any liability in the event of shortages, breakages or damage to the material owned by the exhibitor present in the set-up.
The exhibitor has the obligation to promptly clear out the set-up, from its material on display or inside the storerooms/offices to allow the dismantling of the structures, this operation must be carried out on the evening of the end of the event at the latest by 8.00 on the first useful day for dismantling, if the exhibitor's material is present inside the premises or on the stand, the FITTING COMPANY will not be liable in the event of missing items or theft.
In the event that the exhibited material hinders the dismantling operations and causes delays due to lack of timely removal of the exhibited materials, the exhibitor undertakes to honor any additional expenses incurred for extending the dismantling times.



Given the recent market downturn, at the time of confirmation of this contract, we reserve the right to confirm the agreed price or change the amount on the basis of any inflation relating to market costs.

In Faith


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